Thursday 8/16/2012 Before and after picture of the floor..Salt gets on everything. On Wednesday, the car wouldn't develop full power..A malfunctioning fuel vent was determined to be the cause..Here, the steering shaft is disconnected and slid aft to get at the batteries..(Jerry Paquin photo)

A battery drain was discovered which nearly completely discharged the batteries, so Bill Wendt and Jerry Carbone are discussing the best way to overcome the problem..With the batteries so low it was hard to determine if the starter was working correctly..The batteries were changed, but the spare starter was unable to be used..(Jerry Paquin photo)

When reassembling, Bill Wendt likes everything to line up..(Jerry Paquin photo)

The starter was left off and here the car goes out to be started the old fashioned way..Starting your car without a starter anywhere but the starting line is a no no, but they were able to sweet talk an official who wanted the car to run as badly as the crew..(Jerry Paquin photo)

A beautiful shot of the car with the Hoki Poki (?) mountains in the background..Miles of salt!..(Jerry Paquin photo)

With the clock ticking and the sun racing west, owner Dave Johnston gets ready to throw the switch..(Jerry Paquin photo)

The test was unsuccessful, so Deborah got some seat time steering the car back to the pits..When they come back for another try, she will get a chance to drive the car and earn her 150mph license..(Jerry Paquin photo)

Here the crew is letting it all sink in. 14 hr. days for seven months, living in the parking lot of Dave's generator business..From bending the first tube, to finding a big Offy that needed unavailable parts, to fighting with the officials about what is allowed, and 10 days of blinding salt and the merciless sun..(Jerry Paquin photo)

Poor Jerry Carbone was the most disappointed..All his energy vanished and he fell asleep sitting straight up..Dave Johnston had a good attitude..He already knew Bonneville is unkind to first timers..That's Bill's friend Dave next to Jerry..He drove from Ft. Meyers, FL and was the do everything man..(Jerry Paquin photo)

Jerry Paquin insisted he knew exactly what the problem was and had all the tools he needed to fix the problem..(Jerry Paquin photo)

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